Is this item available for pick up ? 
Detailed on product page it will give you option for pick up if the item is available.
I dont see a option for pick up?
The product is NOT available for pick up ONLY  shipping.
What are pick up hours?
pick up availability will be sent when order is ready for pick up 
If I order now can I pick up now?
our pick up order is usually ready within 10 min-48 hours (depending on business hours) 
What is the pick up policy ?
Must bring Identification Same as name on Order 
How do I know when to pick up?
Pick up confirmation will be sent via text or email with instructions location and hours 
How long do I have after purchase to pick up order?
we hold purchases for 72 Hours, anytime exceeding 72 hours we will cancel order and refund 50% or order. NO EXCEPTIONS 
Can a friend/relative pick up purchase?
NO! if you cant pick up please choose shipping at checkout to avoid.